When should I replace my torch down roof?

When should I replace my torch down roof?

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Different types of roofing have different lifespans, and whether you are installing a new roof, or you are planning some maintenance to an old one, it’s important to have an idea of when you may need to plan for replacement. This will help you budget for the expense, and help you decide what repairs and maintenance are necessary as the roof nears the end of its useful life. In this article, we will look at one particular type of flat roof system, the torch down or torch on roof.

What is a torch down roof?

A torch down roof is a type of modified bitumen roofing system. Essentially, two materials, modified asphalt (or bitumen) and resin, are combined and melted together to make a tough, waterproof roof. The “torch down” refers to how the roofing material is installed: a roofer heads the material to a very high temperature with a torch, so that the material sticks very strongly to the underroof. This may not seem complicated, but it is important to consider hiring professionals to install your roof, as there is a higher risk of fire if the tools and materials aren’t handled properly. However, this type of roofing is still very cheap compared to other flat roof systems, and a well-done torch down roof is durable and easy to maintain.

When will a torch down roof need to be replaced?

It’s important to note that torch down roofs are designed to last, on average, 15-20 years. In good conditions and with good maintenance, they may last 25 or 30 years, but this is the exception, not the rule. You might be suprised by this number and wonder, why would anyone choose a roof that you have to replace so frequently? Well, even with a shorter functional life than other roofing systems, torch down roofs still have their benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of a torch down roof:

Why choose this roof?

First, they are one of the most budget-friendly roofing systems available. Even accounting for professional labour fees to install the roof, torch down roofs are comparable to tar-and-gravel roofs in cost. Second, because there is no heavy gravel, stone or tile top layer, they are quite lightweight compared to other roofing materials. Third, torch down roofing is very durable: it isn’t easy to puncture or tear, and is very waterproof if installed properly. Fourth, this roofing is easy to modify and repair, for example if you want to install a skylight in your roof, it’s simple to cut through and reseal the material. Finally, you may not need a longer-lasting roof. You may be planning on selling or replacing the building in ten to twenty years. You may crunch the numbers and conclude that even though they need to be replaced more frequently, torch down roofs still cost less year-over-year than a much more expensive roof with a longer life. There are good reasons to choose a torch down roof, even if you need to replace it sooner.

In summary:

Essentially, a torch down roof is an inexpensive, tough, weather-resistant roof that is easy to maintain and replace. Even if you need to budget for more frequent replacement, you should still consider this roofing system for your flat roof needs.