Warranty Information

There’s more to peace of mind than the roof over your head

Best Quality Roofing takes pride in all our roofing work. We enjoy providing our customers with confidence by standing behind our workmanship with our labour warranty:

  • Our warranty covers all labour performed by Best Quality Roofing employees and or sub-trade employees for work specified in our contract.
  • Our warranty will not be honored if regular maintenance is not maintained for surrounding work areas and it is found to be the cause of a problem.
  • This is a labour warranty only and does not include any materials.
  • Our warranty will not be honored if any alterations have been made by anyone except a Best Quality Roofing representative with no exceptions of any kind.
  • Our warranty is good for one transfer but must be approved by Best Quality Roofing with new date and signature.
  • Any and all warranty issues must be approved for and worked on by Best Quality Roofing approved employees and or sub-trade employees. No exceptions of any kind.

Please download the Best Quality Roofing Warranty Certificate. Validity of this warranty is subject to Best Quality Roofing’s discretion.