Unusual Roofing Materials

Your roof is an incredibly important structural component of your home. Not only does it protect your family and belongings from inclement weather, providing shelter at the same time, but it also gives strength and stability to your entire home. So, it should come as no surprise that roofing contractors take their job very seriously, employing materials and installation techniques that ensure the long-term safety of your family.

However, there have been a number of unique and even unusual roofing materials used for residential roofs. Sure, we are all familiar with shingle, tile, and even grass roofs, but what about milk jugs, recycled tires, or scrap metal? Sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at some of the most unusual materials used for modern homes.

Milk Jugs

Shockingly, some very high-quality roofing materials are constructed from recycled plastic jugs and bottles as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood, asphalt, or metal shingles. Resistant to moisture, chemicals, and even bacteria, these plastic shingles are highly flexible and adaptable and can be formed into almost any shape. Using recycled milk jugs to make roof shingles reduces the need for new materials and reduces plastic waste.


We are all looking for new ways to be more environmentally conscious. From this movement, words like “sustainable” and “efficient” have come to the forefront of our lexicon. Would you have ever considered shingles made from recycled tires? Well, you should; recycled tires are ideal for making lightweight shingles that not only hold up well in inclement weather (including high winds), but they also improve your home’s insulation. Plus, these “tire shingles” possess a fire rating that makes them an excellent choice for residential roofs.

Reclaimed Wood

For a rustic aesthetic that is also environmentally aware, some home owners are turning to shingles constructed form reclaimed wood. While providing an earthy, natural appearance, reclaimed wood shingles provide many of the benefits of wood shingles or shakes. In fact, you can even make wood shakes from reclaimed wood.


Have you noticed a trend? Most of these unique materials are focused on recycled materials, and recycled carpeting can also be used to make shingles. One of the biggest benefits of recycled carpeting for shingles is the fact that these roofing materials are incredibly light but they look great.

Scrap Metal

Metal roofs are highly versatile, and they make a great choice for regions that experience high winds. Unfortunately, metal roofs tend to be among the most expensive, unless you look to scrap metal. Scarp aluminum can be converted into roofing materials fairly easily, and these materials can be recycled time and time again making them a highly sustainable option for the most environmentally-conscious home owners.