The Best Time to Hire a Roofer

Living in Vancouver offers the benefit of one of the mildest climates in Canada, but residents are also keenly aware that Vancouver weather will bring considerably more precipitation than most locales in the country. Purely because of the amount of rain we receive, proper roof maintenance is especially important when it comes to protecting your home and belongings. So when is the best time to hire a roofer?

This seems like an easy enough question, but many factors will influence when you ultimately seek roofing help. First and foremost, the condition of your roof will be the main guiding force. If your roof is leaking, you probably do not have the luxury of scheduling roofing work at your convenience. Still, let’s assume that you are a vigilant home owner and that you have your roof regularly inspected and maintained. This being the case, a qualified roofer will likely discover roof repairs well in advance, and any future roofing work can be scheduled so that you get quality repairs at the best price.

Most roofers regardless of their location will have a busy season and a slow season. You are likely to get the lowest quotes on repairs or replacement when you schedule roofing work for the slow season. Moreover, during peak seasons, roofers are considerably busier and this may affect the ultimate quality of the job. Finally, arranging for your roof repairs or replacement during the slow season also means that you will be able to schedule work quickly, whereas wait times for your roofer during peak season may be several weeks.

Indeed, during peak season, roofers may be more likely to choose jobs that are quick but profitable and they can increase their prices by up to 15%. This means that your roofer not only has the luxury to pass on difficult jobs, but also that they can charge you considerably more for the same work. On the other hand, during the slow season, competition for roofing jobs is much higher, and roofers tend to cut their prices in order to win roofing jobs. So when are the peak and slow seasons in Vancouver?

As you would expect, fall and spring tend to be the busiest times of the year for roofing contractors. In fall, homeowners are preparing their roofs for the upcoming winter, and there are also some temperature sensitive jobs that need to be completed before cold weather kicks in. For example, all asphalt shingle roofs and rubber flat roofs must be done when temperatures are above freezing. Come spring, homeowners are ready to conduct repairs and they also tend to have more disposable income for home repairs and renovations. As such, spring tends to be a very busy roofing month as well.

So, considering the business of spring and fall, that leaves just winter and summer as the slower seasons for roofing. Obviously, there are some repairs that are just not viable in the winter, so roofing contractors in Vancouver typically recommend that you try to book your roof replacement sometime between July and September.