Roof Repair or Replacement?

Roof Repair or Replacement?

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?

You have noticed signs that your roof is in disrepair from broken shingles or leaky gutters to minor leaks or mould or moss growth, and you are starting to wonder whether your roof needs repairs or even replacement. The decision of whether you should go with roof repair or roof replacement can require careful consideration of many factors including the age of your roof, your personal plans, and even your budget. Ultimately, all roofs will need to be replaced at some point in their lifespan, but oftentimes minor repairs are sufficient to maintain the quality and integrity of your roof.

First, let’s consider the age of your roof. Most residential roofs will have a 15-25 year warranty, depending on the materials used in their construction. For homes with their original roof that are older than that, you may find that roof replacement is the most cost effective solution (though not always). For example, metal roofs are constructed to last much longer. Nevertheless, in North America, most residential roofs are made with asphalt shingles and their lifespans will range from 15 years for the most affordable shingles to more than 40 years for high quality, regularly maintained roofs.

With that in mind, it is not only the age of your roof that needs to be considered, but also the condition of your roof. Are shingles breaking, curling, or buckling? Do you have missing shingles? Can you spot signs of deterioration of roofing structures such as sagging or drooping? Also, when shingles have lost their granules or you have moss or mould growing on your roof, you may need to consider more expansive repairs or replacement. Even the extent of signs of roofing wear or damage will factor into your choice between roof repair or replacement.

Next, you also want to consider your long-term future plans. For example, if you recently purchased your home and you plan to live there for the foreseeable future, roof replacement may be the most cost effective solution. On the other hand, you may be near the end of your time in your home and you are looking for more short-term solutions. It’s important to consider the impact on resale value of your roof condition. So, if your roof is advancing in age and already has had multiple repairs, a new roof can have a significant impact on resale value and represents a good investment.

As you can see, many factors will influence whether you should choose a roof repair or a roof replacement. Ultimately, it is always advisable to consult your roofing contractor for professional advice on whether to repair or replace your roof. At the end of the day, repairs may be cheaper in the short-term, but replacement can be much more cost effective in the long run.