Best Time to Repair a Roof

If the time has come for you to replace or repair your roof, you might be asking yourself when the best time would be to proceed.  When it comes to roofing work, timing is everything.  Your own schedule is important; you obviously don’t want to schedule repairs when you’re out of town or expecting house guests, but you also want to ensure you get quality roofing work for an affordable price.  The busiest season for roofing contractors tends to be the most expensive, whereas you can save significantly if you book in the off-season.  Moreover, it’s in your best interest to schedule roofing replacements or repairs during the slow season because quality roofers are more likely available and the quality of the work will probably be better too.  So, when is the best time of year to install or repair a roof?

Fall Season

Not surprisingly, fall is probably the worst season for roofing projects.  In fall, homeowners start to realize that their roofs aren’t ready for the winter and they panic.  With the cold season around the corner, they want to get their roofs repaired or replaced quickly.  Roofing contractors tend to have the longest lead times, and since some roofing work needs to be done during warmer weather, a lot of other projects get pushed back into fall or early winter.

Spring Season

Spring is another busy time of year, as most construction companies start to pick up business.  Many homeowners are left with repairs after difficult winter months, or they prefer to schedule work during this season because their cash flow is better than during the holiday season.  Either way, spring is a better time to schedule roofing projects, but there is also a spring construction rush that may make your repairs more costly.

Summer Season

Roofing contractors are still fairly busy during the summer, but post-spring-rush the season is steady but not hectic.  Summer can be a good time for repairs and replacement as many homeowners are out of town on vacation or otherwise busy.

Winter Season

Still, likely the best time for roofing projects is the winter season.  Most construction trades slow down, and roofing is no exception.  Providing your climate allows for roofing installation during the winter, this is a great time to get to work.  Contractors are hungry for jobs, and their prices are usually lower.  Still, there are some limitations; for example, you cannot install asphalt shingles during the winter in northern US and Canada as they will not adhere properly.  However, if you have a metal roof or utilize other materials that can be installed in winter, you can probably save significantly and schedule your roofing job at a convenient time for you.

If you need roof repairs or replacements, speak to a roofing contractor about when and how to best schedule the work.  At the very least, you should have leaks and damage looked at to ensure your roof will get you through the colder, wetter months.