Skylight Installation Tips

Increasing the amount of natural light in your home by installing a skylight has myriad benefits.  Most importantly, skylights increase our exposure to sunlight which can have a significant positive impact on mood and well-being.  Indeed, sunlight promotes vitamin D production which in turns stimulates serotonin production leading to increased positive feelings and improved energy levels.  But skylights are also a great choice that not only bring us closer to nature but also help us protect it; skylights reduce energy costs associated with lighting and heating our homes and as such are an environmentally conscious addition to your home.  So what do you need to know about skylight installation?

Skylight Installation Tips

First and foremost, it is always recommended that your skylight is installed by experienced, qualified professionals.  The installation process can take upwards of 4 hours and requires significant changes to the structure of your roof.  Working with skylight installation professionals will not only ensure that the integrity of your roof is maintained, but also guarantees that your skylight is installed in the correct position.

A professional installation will also ensure that your roof is in optimal condition for supporting a skylight.  One of the main problems homeowners face with their skylights is damage to the waterproofing properties of the roof.  While leaks around skylights can be common, expert installation will not only reduce the risk of leaks but homeowners are often protected by an installation guarantee.  Should any problems arise with the skylight, your skylight professional should be available to make repairs.

Nevertheless, if you’re experienced with tools and construction and you’ve decided to install your own skylight, here are some more skylight installation tips to keep in mind:

  • Carefully review all local regulations with respect to permits and environmental standards before installing your skylight.
  • Read all installation instructions carefully and follow the correct installation sequence.
  • Work only in dry weather.
  • Avoid installation locations that are shaded by trees or those that are near roof fixtures (such as chimneys), water channels, and roof valleys.
  • Ensure all adhesives and seals are applied to dry surfaces.
  • Follow all basic safety precautions when working on your roof – avoid installation near wet or slippery surfaces, use proper footwear that has good traction, wear a harness, and use a buddy to spot you when climbing up and down ladders.

Installing a skylight is not a layperson’s job.  If you have any concerns about your skills or ability to complete the installation safely and effectively, the most cost-effective approach is to work with a professional.

Either way, skylights are an attractive home addition that increases the value of your home and reduces energy costs.  Plus, you’re sure to love the warmth and brightness that come with opening your home to the sun’s natural light.