Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Repair or Replacement

The decision whether to repair or replace your roof is one that should not come lightly.  Indeed, the choice requires consideration of whether to patch leaks and other damaged areas or whether the time is right to invest in a new roof.  Given the cost of roofing replacement, homeowners attempt to optimize the lifespan of their roof by weighing the careful balance of longevity of repairs, seasonal effects on the roof’s condition, and the current age of the roof.  So, how do you decide whether roof repair is sufficient or it’s time to invest in a roof replacement?


Seasonal repairs to your roof are not to be unexpected, particularly if you live in a climate with challenging winter weather such as rain, snow, and wind.  Moreover, the secret to a healthy roof is regular roof maintenance that identifies minor repairs before they become major problems.  Replacing broken or torn shingles is a straightforward repair that can often extend the lifespan of a roof by many years.  Likewise, annual (or better yet – twice annual) roof inspections to repair flashings, fixtures, and other roofing components will keep you roof in optimal condition longer.  Still, depending on the age of your roof, the degree of damage, or even whether you plan to sell your home in the near future, roofing replacement may still be the better choice.


Significant damage on an older roof is usually what motivates roofing replacement.  If only part of your roof is showing signs of costly damage, you may opt for a partial re-roof.  The total cost of a partial roof replacement is considerably less than full replacement; so, depending on your budget, this may be your most viable option.  However, when you look at the cost per square foot, partial replacements are more costly.  Given the financial means, it is also advisable to choose a full replacement in particular if you want your roof to appear consistent aesthetically and even structurally.

Ultimately, many factors influence whether to replace your roof.  First, consider the age of the current materials – if you’re deciding between repair or replacement, you would want to consider the warranty on components such as the shingles.  For example, if the shingles were installed 15 or more years ago and carry a 20 year warranty, you may opt for replacement when more significant repairs are required.  You also want to consider your climate and the potential for seasonal damage.  Considering both the age of your roof and your climate, you may also want to ask your roofer about changes in building codes and roofing technology.  There may also be much more durable and sustainable options for replacing your current roof.

As you can see, the decision whether to repair or replace your roof involves pondering many factors.  It is always beneficial to work closely with your roofing professional to make a fully-informed decision to protect your roof, your home, and your family.