Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Fall has arrived and that means winter is just around the corner.  Fall is a busy time of year for roofers because proactive home owners take the opportunity to check their roofs for maintenance or repairs before the arrival of winter’s inclement weather.  Ultimately, fall and spring roof maintenance help to ensure your roof is in good condition before and after the harshest season of the year.  So, what do you need to do in the fall to prepare your roof?  Let’s take a look at some fall roof maintenance tips that will protect your roof, your home, and your valuables.


Always clean your gutters at the end of summer or beginning of fall to ensure adequate drainage for the wet and cold season.  Drainage areas should be cleared of debris such as leaves and twigs that can clog gutters thereby causing water to pool on your roof and potentially cause mould and mildew.  After all, damage from pooling water can also cause roofing structures to crack or leak which makes the effects of snow and ice even more damaging.  Ask your local roofer to also inspect drainpipes and spouts from your roof to guarantee effective run-off.

Gutter Guards

While you’re inspecting and maintaining your gutters, you can also install gutter guards.  Gutter guards are an affordable installation that prevent debris from collecting in gutters so you can also save time with gutter maintenance.


You probably didn’t expect landscaping was part of your fall roofing maintenance responsibilities, but trimming trees around your roof can make a huge difference when it comes to the longevity of your roof.  Overhanging branches can cause debris to fall on your roof, not only clogging gutters but also contributing eventually to rot in roofing structures.  Large branches that fall in storms can also damage your roof, so take the time to trim those trees.

Attic Inspections

Your attic is an important area to inspect for signs of leaks, but also to check for any unwanted visitors living up there.  Check your insulation and vapour barrier to prevent moisture from being trapped.  If you’re not sure what to look for, remember to work with an experienced roofer.

Inspections and Repairs

It should go without saying that a thorough inspection of your roof will identify the maintenance and repairs that you need to complete before the end of fall.  By identifying issues early, you can proceed with roofing repairs before major problems arise.  This not only saves roofing and internal structures of your home from damage, but will also save you money.  Emergency repairs during the winter are expensive and difficult – so make sure any repairs are done before winter and harsh weather sets in.

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