Do I Need a Maintenance?

A new roof is one of the most valuable and expensive improvements you can make on a building.  Not only does your roof protect you from the elements, it also protects everything you need to run your business.  As such, the need to maintain your roof should never be underestimated.  Maintenance programs for your roof ensure proper upkeep for your roof so that you protect your building and everything inside.  Let’s discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about roof maintenance programs.

What are roof maintenance programs and why should I have one?

A maintenance program for your roof is essentially a preventative approach that serves to minimize potential roof defects such as leaks.  Typical maintenance programs include regular inspections, cleaning, minor repairs, and regular reports indicating further maintenance or repairs that may be required.  Ideally, you should consider starting a maintenance program for your roof as soon as it’s installed rather than waiting for problems to appear.

What should a maintenance program for roofs cost?

The cost of the maintenance program will vary depending on the size and type of roof.  Most contractors will charge by the square foot for maintenance that includes inspections and repairs.  Other contractors will simply charge a monthly maintenance fee, in which case your roofer will be available any time to provide emergency repairs.  On average, maintenance programs for your roof will cost between 10 and 20 cents per square foot depending on the current condition of the roof.  Compared to the cost of replacing a neglected roof, this is very affordable.  In fact, the cost savings from properly maintaining your roof will most often exceed the cost of a maintenance program.

What should I expect from my maintenance program?

Your roof maintenance program should include semi-annual inspections (in the spring and fall) at a minimum.  This should include inspections of the roof membrane and flashings, as well as inspections of workmanship.  Moreover, subsequent to these inspections, you may expect that minor repairs are conducted.  However, each maintenance program is different and you should negotiate the terms of your program before signing a contract.  Some roofers will want to charge extra for repairs, especially if costly materials are required.

Can I start a roof maintenance program on an existing roof?

Absolutely – even if you have an older roof that has never been inspected before, it’s not too late to start a maintenance program.  However, you should be aware that the costs to restore an existing roof to a level of maintainability may be significant.  Still, these costs will almost always be worth it – especially in light of the considerable costs of roof replacement.

When installing a new roof, always consider a maintenance program right away.  Preventative maintenance helps to ensure the long-term viability of your roof, and usually extends the lifespan.  But even for an older roof, a maintenance program can correct current problems and prevent costly future repairs or replacement.